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Hey biker, hey self-advocate

We believe that when you see a biker on the streets, you see a biking self-advocate.

More Bike Lanes is your partner in your self-advocacy efforts. You do not need to belong to a group, coalition or association to self-advocate. Just bike and promote your cause to create more bike lanes around your community, town, city, county or state.

Go to our shop and become an advocate in your community.

One biker, one self-advocate.


We help you become a self advocate for the greater good of the bicycle community and to improve your biking conditions.

  • Support self-advocacy efforts
  • Be part of a national movement
  • Self-advocacy with multi-support
  • Consistent Message

    We provide marketing materials with consistent design to make a national impact. Visit our Store to view what's available.

  • Consistent branding
  • The power of many around you
  • Visual reinforcement
  • Instagram Repost

    Repost your photo on Instagram @MoreBikeLanes so we can help you promote it. We promote all types of self-advocacy efforts in communities across the nation.

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    Ways to advocate for bike lanes

    Top 3 way to advocate

    - Reach out to established organizations
    - Create a bike club in your area
    - Schedule regular community events and rides

    How to influence decision makers?

    - Make sure you have a consistent message of biking in your community. By creating a uniform marketing strategy, you are more likely to be noticed.

    How can we help?

    - We provide you with promotional products that have the same design so all your efforts are concentrated into one uniform look and feel.